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Enviromental protection

We protect Enviroment for Our Future Generations

medical services

We provide Medical Services

child abuse

We protect Chiliren Against Violence

Women Empowerment

We Support Women Economically & Socially

Tanzania tourism attractions

We Promote tourism

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Who We Are?

Confirmed Development and and Relief Mission (CODEREMI)  is a non for profit non denomination Christian organization based in Mwanza region, Tanzania. ODEREMI works with everyone regardless social differences i.e race, religion and or economic ones. CODEREMI is made by people from different backgrounds dedicated to work with partners in the areas social and economic development

Conflict Resolution

we consider peace as key factor for development thus we are committed to keep peace and are involved in conflict resolution works with people we work with

Emergency & Relief

we love to support both the displaced people and those affected by natural calamities


We advertise about the Tanzanian natural beauty / tourist attractions hence wel come friends as tourists.


At CODEREMI, we strive to safe guard both the environment and animals around for the better future of humankind


We publicize against diseases affecting our people notably Malaria,HIV/AIDS,TB & Hepatitis B

Women & children

Women & Children are our most beneficiaries. We organize for their social and economic justice.

Our Partners

Director's Message

Am very proud to work with various communities and at different levels. I look at the world as the single village hence the human race as brothers and sisters from this village. We as the villagers of this village, need to join hence share resources we have in shaping the future outlook of the village socially and economically. At CODEREMI, we are looking for medical doctors, teachers, social workers, engineers, priests, diplomats and partners who could join our mission. Philosophically we intend to shape the society that is just, safe to live,environmental sensitive, socially and economically free hence well connected. Thanks.
Rev. Gerald Ruhere
Managing Director

Our Team

Our Phylosophy

Sharing our resources, goals, information, education, technology, services and building sustainable community initiatives amongst the whole community.